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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brooklyn ATR Meeting: A Preview of Lowlights and Highlights

by Philip Nobile

My District Rep. Tom Bennett called me “a piece of shit,” and said I could quote him.
Rookie Special Rep. John Capuano tried to rip up my list of ATR emails on a manila pad passed around the room until intercepted by District Rep. Ellen Driesen who handed it off to Borough Rep. Howie Schoor, and thence to sleazoid Capuano whose dirty trick was squelched by a quick acting teacher named Vincent C. DeSiano.
But don’t get the wrong impression. Despite the appalling sideshows, the two-hour-plus meeting was a triumph thanks to the UFT’s ATR honcho Amy Arundell. Her rousing words of solidarity and credible account of inside battles with the DOE on our behalf won over the crowd. I once compared her to Marie Antoinette. After Thursday’s performance, she’s more like La Pasionaria.  (to be continued)
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  1. The Unity people hate transparency. I have been told by two District Reps. from Manhattan this year that "forced placements" (senority) was a bad thing and it is better that we have to be "hired" by a principal. Then I read in the UFT agreement with the DOE that we can not turn down a HR forced placement.

  2. I agree that Amy is the real deal when it comes to the UFT. She has "spine" that our other leaders lack.

  3. I was beyond frustrated with the lack of real information and the ambiguity of terms that Amy used last evening. Mr. Noble, I admire your cause, and am impressed with your audacity, but shouting over people while they speak is not an effective methodology for communication in general. The corruption I have seen in the DOE goes all the way to the state level, and I agree that there are many dirty Chapter Leaders, but I think that a chapter isn't the answer. However, someone at the UFT should be responsible for knowing what's going on with ATR's and distributing information to them.

  4. Yes, Philip, try to win friends and influence people.

  5. "They shall not pass". So stated the heroine of the Spanish Civil War. Great comparison.

  6. Tom Bennett was right, you are a "piece of shit"