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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tables and chairs attend latest ATR job fair

The Washington Heights 
Armory.  Add a few tables and
chairs and it will look just as it
did for the job fair on Sept. 19. 
On September 19th, the DOE threw one of its little shindigs in celebration of the ATR fiasco.  This latest job fair featured tables, chairs, a water fountain, restrooms, and not much else. Thomas Forbes, a veteran NYCATR correspondent, sent in the following:

    Anyone who had a chance to attend the job fair this afternoon saw it was a joke. I would guess only 5 schools showed up.   I even saw one pair from a school get up and leave shortly after 4:30 when they saw what a waste of time it was. I thought I would see people I knew, but I only saw one; not a lot of teachers there, maybe a couple hundred.   
Most everyone I spoke with were new ATR's and were really in the dark. I told all to check ednotesonline and become a member of the GEM/ATR group. I ended up talking with and answering questions from a small group of ATR's. 
As I left, I stopped by the UFT table and spoke with four of our representatives who were sitting there speaking to no one but themselves. As I drilled them softly about Union politics and issues, I was told not be sarcastic by one of them as the conversation progressed. I then ended the conversation and told them I was doing more to inform our members than they were.

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  1. I sttended that job fair. The DOE had sent an email out a few days before the event telling us that it might not be worth our while to attend, which probably accounts for the low teacher turnout. I went because I figured I had to explore every avenue.

    I have been an ATR since the beginning of this school year and am absolutely miserable.