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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Staten Island ATR meeting another sham and a fraud and a phony facade

A teacher named Sue filed this report about the UFT meeting for ATR teachers that was held on Staten Island on Wednesday, October 5.

Unwashed masses attempt to flee Staten Island.
There was no crowd. Only a handful of mainly elementary school teachers. There were only two high school teachers. Everyone seemed frustrated and angry. Emil Pietromonico and Amy Arundell were the storytellers.

Ms. Arundell began her propaganda spiel and became very agitated if anyone interrupted her speech to, God forbid, ask a question. We were told to write down our questions and to save them for the "question and answer" section of the night. 

Anyway, here is a summary of what she said:

1) ATRs will be moved around weekly so that the principals do not get a "free ride" using the ATR in a vacancy and allowing central to pay for the teacher.

2) Per-diem subs will no longer be allowed to cover vacancy positions. ATRs within that license will get an "audition."  However, principals are not obligated to hire the ATR.

3) High school teachers are basically screwed because their districts are so broad and they can be sent anywhere within a district.  Ms. Arundell said the placements are computerized and can NOT be changed.  No talk about the union fighting to keep high school teachers closer to home. "Too bad" was the answer when I spoke of my dilemma. When I told them that I was sent from the south side of Staten Island to the farthest school in the district they really couldn't care less. I have to go and that's that. 

4) More tales were spun. And then she started the speech about how the union fought hard to keep us. Bloomberg wanted to get rid of us. Blah Blah Blah.  One man agreed with her as he said "100%,  the union saved our jobs and are doing the best for us." I think he was planted in the room by the UFT.  Others started to agree with him and I felt the lukewarm coffee I had been served try to make its way onto the floor.

Finally, the unwashed were allowed to speak. When I asked why the DOE allowed the hiring freeze to be lifted over the summer she spewed something about more vacancies in the license areas than there were teachers. When I prodded her about why there were still ATRs in these license areas she had--surprise--no answer!

My findings:

THE UFT is doing nothing to help us and if we do not fight for our rights we are SCREWED!


  1. We need to bring back vocational training and general diplomas!

  2. To Anonymous:
    Good idea. See the article by Marc Epstein:

  3. I actually commented in the wrong blog lol

  4. All Teacher RevoltOctober 11, 2011 at 6:02 AM

    It's just a matter of time before ATRs are terminated. We had better save because unemployment is not much.