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Monday, September 12, 2011

Overweight ATR Teacher Finds a Job!

The following was sent to us by a teacher who would like to be known as Overweight and Way Over Forty.  It is a rags-to-riches story of an ATR teacher whose prayers were answered.  We hope that it will inspire others to keep the faith. 

I was excessed in June as a math coach. I am many years over 40, overweight, overopinionated, and expensive.

Like Ms. Life in Limbo, I panicked about being flung around each week due to child care issues. I spoke to the Brooklyn UFT office and the gal there did not even know how many districts composed the superintendency I could be tossed around in. I told her it was her job to know this and call me back right away. When she did my suspicion was confirmed--my fate was defined as the old BASIS superintendency. I live in Manhattan and could now be sent to the south side of Staten Island on a whim. Brooklyn Unity gal was indifferent to this.

Well, I didn't go to any job fairs. I went camping with my daughter. But, I did register right away with the Open Market and post my resume. I also did follow up phone calls. I applied to 7 schools that were reasonably convenient.  I also faxed my resume to a few schools and sent emails to the principals on DOE email to make sure they looked at my application. 

The results: 

1. One very prestigious school that I hadn't even applied to called me for an interview based on my on-line resume.

2. One school said they would get back to me and didn't.

3. A very wonderful, supportive alternative school demo-lessoned and interviewed me. The school is 6 blocks from my daughter's school in Manhattan. I am now hired there under Open Market transfer on their galaxy table. BUT MOST IMPORTANT, I HAVE A PARKING SPOT! 

The principal stated that my credentials coupled with my persistence of politely calling, faxing, and emailing made me stand out. I also had written letters of recommendation from supervisors and a "Brag Book" about me that I would open to relevant areas during the interview. 

I was in constant prayer on this one, and several friends were also hoping for Divine Intervention, I think I may have had It on this one, and frankly, that is what it takes. My situation is somewhere between lucky and blessed or both.

I'm praying for all of you now.

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  1. I don't want to be pessimistic, but I hope it lasts. I have two friends who were in your situation last year. Both found jobs. Both were well liked. Both got kicked to the curb in June, replaced by cheap newbies.

  2. It sounds like you weren't only lucky and blessed but also have a lot to offer and a positive/proactive attitude that made the school want to scoop you up! Best of luck for a great year.