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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

UFT yields to pressure and grants meeting for ATR teachers

Our work is not in vain.  The agitation of Norm Scott and his GEM ATR Committee, of Philip Nobile and his open letters to UFT officials, and of NYCATR and its open public forum for ATR complaints, have influenced the UFT to yield on its refusal to meet with ATR teachers.  Here is a copy of a flier that has been sent to all UFT Chapter Leaders, to be distributed to all ATR teachers. 


  1. Big deal, a meeting. How about protesting?

  2. I'm a chapter leader in Queens D27 and I have not received this flier. Are there different meetings for each district? There is a very nice ATR in my school and I would like to notify her. Thxs.

  3. No info yet about a meeting in Queens. Keep your eyes and ears open. In the meantime, the Brooklyn meeting seems to be open to teachers from all boroughs.

  4. All chapter leaders will receive the attachments/annoucements of the ATR meetings in today's Chapter Leader Update News email.

    However, there are the schools with NO chapter leader or delegate to inform the members. How will they get the information?

    The Bronx ATR meeting is 10/3, from 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

  5. If you were not informed...don't worry you didn't miss anything at the Bronx UFT ATR meeting...except the total disrespect...the late arrival of the prima donna speaker who arrived and acted as the offical "henchwoman" for the union helped to give the meeting a feel more of a DOE disciplinary hearing...the UFT Unity crowd afterall likes to mirror and copycat DOE action
    as a means of addressing issues. It was contain-control and confuse the issues all the way...Sadly, for those seeking valid representation through ATR Chapter Leaders--forget about it...we allegedly have "access to chapter leaders in buildings"??? And where will they find us even if we file a grievance that is actually fairly followed up on??? Oh, I get it--that's the idea...we were just asked there to see what we're up to!?!?