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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Nobile-Barr Virus continues to rage

The Epstein-Barr Virus. You shouldn't know from it,
or from the Nobile-Barr virus either.
We recently published a series of letters between the following players in the ATR game:

a) Philip Nobile, an ATR teacher who wants the UFT to establish a special chapter for ATR teachers;
b) LeRoy Barr, the UFT Staff Director, who passed on the issue to one of the UFT's Special Representatives;
c) Elizabeth Perez, a UFT Special Representative, who informed Nobile that the ATR teachers do not need a special chapter because they are represented by the Chapter Leaders in the schools where they have been assigned;
d) Joseph Moses, the publisher of NYCATR, who put in his two cents. 

In this posting, the correspondence continues.  It's beginning to sound like what is known in Yiddish as an oisgeschlepte krank, meaning a prolonged illness.  
With all respect for Liz, she does not make UFT policy, nor did she explain why the UFT won't establish some arrangement to represent the special interests of ATRs, just as you did for rubber roomers in the past. Why are ATRs different? 
It is not serious to claim that wandering ATRs are adequately repped by chapter leaders. Even chapter meetings are ruled out unless one happens to occur by chance during the week we're in a school. 
I presume you have read the sad stories of ATRs on the NYCATR, ICE, and GEM blogs. If not, you should. Our growing discontent and rising agitation does the UFT no good.  
How about we explore a solution to this unnecessary controversy at a meeting at 52? How soon can you
set it up? 
Looking forward,


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  1. What I find amazing is that the UFT has no clue what is going on with the ATRs. In 3 days, I have received 3 different answers about if and when we will be switching schools, for how long we will be at each schools, the criteria for switching and what principals can do if you are covering a leave. I just do not get what has been done. It makes zero sense.

    I am covering a science vacancy. does that principal have to find a licensed science teacher?

  2. I'm a science teacher. I was covering an English vacancy. Yesterday my program was changed to a social studies vacancy. The students want to know if I'm a sub or their permanent teacher,I don't know what to tell them.

    There is no UFT rep in my present school. As an ATR can I vote for union representation?

  3. In the past, ATR teachers participated in elections for Chapter Leaders in the schools where they had been placed.
    This year, with weekly reassignment, it is not clear how ATR teachers will be able to vote for their representatives.
    As I have said before, call your district rep, and call the UFT Manhattan office and ask to speak to a Special Representative. And continue to read NYCATR; we will continue to present information as it becomes available.