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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quotation of the Day 9/20/2011

Our next mayor?

The following is from an article in the Chief Leader about an audit that was conducted by John Liu, the Comptroller of New York City.  The audit investigates the DOE's efforts to help excessed teachers find permanent placement, an effort that it is contractually obligated to make.

“DOE provided limited evidence that it evaluates the effectiveness of its placement efforts; tracks all efforts of these Teachers to find permanent positions; or tracks historical data on those Teachers who have successfully left the ATR pool,” the audit said. “Without such information, we believe that DOE is significantly hindered in its ability to evaluate the success of its efforts in helping ATR Teachers find permanent positions.”

Readers of NYCATR know that the reason the DOE has limited evidence regarding its placement efforts is because it puts very little real effort into than endeavor.

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