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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Need an experienced teacher? Call an ATR teacher!

"The [NYC school] districts with higher poverty rates have fewer experienced and highly educated teachers and less stable teaching staffs, while districts with lower poverty rates have more highly educated teachers and more stable teaching staffs."
So reports the Schott Foundation, in a recent document entitled "A Rotting Apple: Education Redlining in New York City."  

How interesting that the people over at the Schott Foundation believe that students in districts with high poverty rates should have more "experienced and highly educated teachers"! Mayor Bloomberg believes that the way to improve education in high poverty neighborhoods is to close the schools, drive the experienced educators into meaningless positions in the ATR (Absent Teacher Reserve), and replace them with 22-year olds who may not even have any college preparation to be teachers. 

Of course, we should always trust the Mayor's judgement; after all, no-one alive today knows more about education than Mayor Bloomberg, besides, perhaps, Michelle Rhee. 


  1. You forgot Joel Klein.

    It should be logical that experience counts. Except that the "Leadership Academy PrincipaLS AND THE mayor practices "EDUCATION ON THE CHEAP" and it is easier to scapegoat experienced teachers than question their motives.

    1. You're right, Chaz. I forgot Klein; and the Koch brothers, and Bill Gates, and a few others. Mea culpa. It's always an honor to be corrected by the great Chaz.

  2. Do you guys not realize the mayor only cares about salary and pension reduction and not the kids? he wants people to quit within 3 years. the faster you guys learn this, the happier you'll be. we have a job. do your best, get paid, and enjoy the benefits which are good

  3. Someone should note that teachers are scoring the statewide exams right now and that these scores will effect teacher evaluations. I'd go easy on my about objectivity!