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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mets fans know Bloomberg's score on education

My beloved brothers and sisters, the long-suffering fans of the New York Mets, are a very intelligent lot.  Read what was reported about them in a blog called mets2006:

At the Mets [2012] opening day representatives from the branches of the Armed Forces sang the Star Spangled Banner to the applause of the 40,000 fans, and, to my surprise loudly booed as Mayor Bloomberg was introduced.
The guy standing next to Queens Councilman
Peter Vallone is a transplanted Red Sox fan named
Michael Bloomberg.

The baseball-savvy blogger concludes: 
The crowd at Citi Field, those beloved New York Mets fans had it right – the Mayor deserved to be booed – the crowd is wise indeed.
To find out why the Mayor deserves the opprobrium of fans of all teams, click here to read the entire article. 

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  1. So sorry to hear you are a Mets fan. There is a major league team in The Bronx that can make you much happier.

    I never had been so disgusted in my life as when the Yankees were presented their trophy in 2009 for winning THEIR 27th WORLD SERIES and seeing Bloomberg bogart his way onto the podium. What an attention whore.

  2. For me, watching the Yankees win their 27th World Series was disgusting enough, even without the Mayor whoring for attention.

  3. I'm glad that the Mayor got the reception he so richly deserved.

  4. Really that major league team is now losing 7-0...

  5. I am a Yankees fan but I do not hate the Mets. Now, I have even less reason to hate them or their fans. The Mets are the "working class" NY team and it is only appropriate that they gave Bloomberg the welcome he so richly deserves. His hatred for people who actually have to work for a living is palpable.