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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do you trust the UFT?

Here is the image that graces the front page of the latest edition of the UFT's New York Teacher:

Brothers and sisters of the ATR: Are you howling with laughter? Are you cringing? Vomiting? Smashing your computer?

We at NYCATR have decided to leave the comments about this image to you, the readers.  Please send us your thoughts by commenting on this blogpost.  We recommend that you use the following format:

I do not trust the UFT because... 

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  1. I don't trust the UFT because the leadership continues to...


  2. Do you really have to ask why?

  3. We can't offer a more fitting spin than what Pogue says.
    That is totally what the UFT leadership does.

    Dont' mourn, organize! It's our union. We should take it back!

    Watch for the time and location of the State of the Union's Part II conference!

  4. Beacuse "Randi" went around the schools for years claiming that "I worked in the trenches for 7 years..." Nothing could be further from the truth. She worked TOPS for 1 year full time, if that, and through some sort of sweetheart deal with "Sandi" came and went as she pleased. Also, the rumor is that she doesn't even have honest teaching certification and credentials. Anotherwords,she's a complete farce as far as teaching credentials and experience goes. Point being-"Randi" is a liar and a manipulator.

  5. The point is what to do. We have to oust the UFT, but no one is willing to put in the time to do this. It also is likely to cost some real money to put up a fight and hire our own lawyers to represent us in an election without retirees and UFT staff voting. If we get enough interest, we can do this, but we need to organize. Otherwise, we have no one, but ourselves to blame.
    Randi was, and still is, a lawyer. She remains the Pres of the UFT's parent, but she is really not the problem any longer. She is part of a system that needs to be overhauled big time.

  6. She is a BIG part of the problem, she IS THE problem-as you just said "She remains the Pres of the UFT's parent"-but's quite a battle to fight her and her army. I always thought that teachers need to kick in and hire top notch lawyers for class action suits to fight our case. Maybe now the dam will break...What to sue on? How bout when KLein was constantly libeling and slandering us in the paper on "how ATRs are all bad teachers, and the like? How bout our contract says "all staff must be placed"? How bout the unilateral decision Mulgrew made as soon as he got the job agreeing to this assessment deal to begin with? Was that legal to unilaterally agree to that without a vote by teachers? I don't know the answer to that, but I bet it could be legally explored. How about him agreeing to drop the lawsuit that caused this current situation? Large sums of pooled money would at least wage war against our enemies-we ALWAYS LOSE WITH MULGREW.

  7. ...Mulgrew, on January 13th, promised the teachers in the 33 PLA schools that, "If and when the DOE begins the legal process for closing your schools, the UFT will be immediately taking the appropriate legal action to stop it." On February 28th the DOE began to make public the first group of EIS's to close these schools. The UFT has SAID NOTHING, HAS DONE NOTHING.