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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Report from Germany and Denmark

A teacher named AM sent us this report about his discussions with teachers from Germany and Denmark.  We think you'll agree that his report is wunderbar.  


In recent weeks I had some rather stimulating and personally satisfying conversations with teachers from Germany and Denmark. 

A slave auction in New Amsterdam
I was so surprised how well informed they were about the witch hunts taking place against teachers across our nation. When I told them about the notorious rubber room phenomenon, they were generally much more sympathetic and understanding than you could ever imagine. It seems these teachers understood that America--from its earliest settlements to the building of the original "Wall Street" by African-American slaves (oops! I meant "indentured servants")--was always about MONEY, and that anything having to do with money could easily be justified with a patriotic slogan: "Every child deserves a great Teacher," "Children First,"etc., etc.

We all know how much Bloomberg, Klein, Black, Walcott and the PEP panel love children.

It's the teachers--who had a passion for what they taught and an unshakable bond with the kids who they believed in and worked their hearts out for--who refused to buy into the lies, visions (illusions) and bullshit of the Leadership Principals--those are the teachers who had to disappear!!! Makes a lot of sense from the point of view of someone dumping junk bonds, unloading credit default swaps and other crap on the unsuspecting public. That's what they call the "business model." 

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