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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gypsy goes to Brownsville

I spent the past 2 school weeks at Metropolitan Diploma Plus High School, a transfer school in Brownsville, Brooklyn. This is a last- chance high school for kids aged 16-20 who were failing in a regular school but want a chance to graduate. The school was very small with about 10 teachers and 198 students on register. I think on any given day there was half that amount of students.

Gangsta hand signs
I covered a few classes but mostly spent my time in the Education Center supervising one or two students. I met the principal and the assistant principal who seemed ok. I googled the school when I got home the first day and realized the school is being investigated for Regents grade tampering. The teachers at the school were surprisingly a mixture of young and old and seemed interested in the students and their success. Most of the students were of the gangsta mentality but seemed relatively pleasant, with the exception of one or two with chips on their shoulders.

The administration actually seemed apologetic that on the days no one was absent there was nothing for me to do. The commute was a bit long but I was able to use the parking lot and there was a Dunkin Donuts right across the street. And the bathroom wasn’t locked so there was no need for a key. What can I say? Nothing much….

Net stop: Liberation Diploma Plus in Coney Island.

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