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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Non-substitute teacher "implicated" in non-incident

An ATR teacher in the Bronx had a little problem today, so he sent the message below to Amy Arundell.  She is the UFT  Special Representative who spoke to ATR teachers at several of the borough meetings and quelled their complaints by telling them that they are lucky to have a job.

Hi, is this acceptable?

Today, I was relieved of teaching duty at PS 153. A fourth grader complained to her Mom yesterday and then to the principal this a.m. that she was shoved during dismissal. Not hurt mind you. I had no idea anything happened until this morning because everyone looked ok and no kids complained to me. So the principal says she has a policy that "subs" who are "implicated" in an "incident" can't be around children. Obviously this principal accepts lies from parents. So, I did paperwork all relaxing for a change! But, I'm not a "sub" and I am unaware of any "incident." And I'm implicated/guilty? What? ATRs are humiliated like this? I accepted the paper work cause it's a break from kids. Why fuss, I'll be gone on Friday. OR, is something else going on????

But nice going DOE/UFT...I get paid for doing an aide's work and take the heat as well. Where's my Chapter Leader? Yes, I'm upset!


  1. I wonder if it is ever possible for ANY administrator to admit when they are wrong.

    As a substitute,I actually had an administrator apologize to me when they realized they made a very 'innocent and minor' mistake in judging me. The only differences are: not NYC, the district is professional and the administration are tough but fair and the incident was very minor.

    After the administrator came over to me, I had a new found respect for this school administrative team. It was genuine and honest and I realized that this will probably not happen again.

  2. Tell the principal if you are 'charged' with anything that you will be personally suing her. That is how you have to handle this. Note that you were called a 'sub' when you are not one. Contact an attorney on your own in case any bs is pulled.

  3. I did heights and weights for fitnessgram all day...what a job!