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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The UFT's New York Teacher reports on the ATR

Here is today's Picture of the Day:

Yes, it is an empty box.  It contains all the words devoted to the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) in the latest edition of the New York Teacher, the UFT's newspaper.  

Over 1,000 qualified teachers are being shuffled around the city like a deck of cards, and the education of thousands of students is falling down like a house of cards.  And in this empty box are all the words that the UFT chooses to say about the situation. 

Correction: Upon further inspection, it has been noticed that the New York Teacher reports, on page 8, that the DOE is planning to utilize ATR teachers as part of a plan to improve services to English Language Learners.  

Readers, please imagine that one little scrap of paper resides in the corner of the box.  

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  1. While teachers in the ATR and the teachers in those 33 schools with the new Danielson evaluation disaster are bullied by the DOE (with the collaboration of the uft), the uft newspaper is taking a stand against bullying!!!

    Now, that is what I call chutzpah.

  2. The definition of the uft's conduct regarding the atr agreement is criminal collusion, misrepresentation, theft of services and disparate treatment.
    All of this is going to end up in court. Mulgrew and his blackberry toting stooges deserve to get the same treatment that they meted out to the atr teacher subclass.
    The deafening silence from our collegues speaks volumes. Any member can become an atr at any time. The experience of being treated like a leper is interesting. I think that many teachers think that atr's have a communicable disease.
    The perception is that we atr's were horrible teachers, and this is the punishment. The young, effective,energetic teachers, have a palpable aversion to the grizzeled veterans paraded through their schools each week.
    The uft has done less than nothing to change the perception of the membership. In fact the atr pool will be sacrified for the next insult called a contract.
    The uft has managed to screw the atr pool with no consequences to themselves,they have not set up an office to help the over two thousand members who have to migrate to a new school each week.
    I have counted at least fifteen vacancies being hidden. I called the.uft and there was no response.
    This is designed to get us to quit. The union needs to be sued by the atr pool. They need to pay a stiff financial penalty for their outright creation of a hostile work environment.
    Let Mulgrew and his leeches have to work in a new place each week. Let the pinstriped parasites have to obtain bathroom keys each week. May they have different schedules each week. They should have to search for parking and travel to the furthest geographic location from their homes let them be told by administration that there is no set time schedule and that they will call you each morning at six am to tell you when to come in. Let the parasite class have to sub classes with no lesson plans. Let someone tell them that they will get a chance to show what great teachers they are to some kid from nazi academy, who will never hire them because they are old.
    The vast majority of us have committed the crime of working in the system for more years than we care to remember. This is your gold watch. Unfortunately it is not presented to one at a retirement party. Rather it is attached to the wrist of the union and it is shoved where the sun won't shine. To make matters worse it is wrapped with razor wire.
    This torture of the atr pool will continue until we are fired due to whatever faults the martinets who call themselves supervisors, are told to find in us from legal. Those near retirement will leave. Many will just quit because this is the definition of constructive discharge.

    Bedouin Teacher.

  3. This blog as well as the other real ed reformers blogs are read by a small fraction of your co-workers and the general public.In order to create a change (besides ventilating our emotions)we have to find fast and practical ways to reach a bigger audience especially among the UFT members.

  4. email contact her at

    I want to do a class action for the ATR's as I did for those who passed through the RR. I would like a few more lead plaintiffs, one or two more who got there after being convicted at 3020-a's, a few who were excessed into ATRdom from an ongoing school, and a few who were excessed upon school reorganization. I would like to have a meeting of all those who would like to be lead plaintiffs (and become the only plaintiffs if the class is not certified). If you have ever been an ATR and feel it was unfair,contact me, if you know an ATR who feels this way, have them contact me. If you are a public official, reporter, or union official and would be able to assist me please publicize or prosecute or hold hearing on this, PLEASE CONTACT ME.



    Also have any tenured educators been laid off let me know if they have.

    Please pass this along to ATRs and any laid off!


  5. The sad thing is how many young teachers I work with (and veterans) who tell me the ATRs should be fired! I was astounded at the stupidity of my coworkers. I have a good friend who is out on maternity leave for the last 5 years who said the ATRs should be fired. I asked her how she would feel about that when she returns to work and is placed in the ATR pool. Her reply - I'll find a job. I said really? With two children and you'll be in your mid-30s. Good luck with that! It's sad to say but there are a lot of silly teachers out there (some of them my close friends) who have bought into this idea that the ATRs are somehow lesser teachers.

  6. I have been meeting many ATRs who are telling me they have REPORTED to the union about day to day subs covering positions...why isn't anything being done???????????????

  7. Sure the younguns are on the bandwagon to end LIFO and have ATRs fired...not realizing that in a few short years their service will no longer be needed..especially since tenure will be a thing of the past due to the new rules...and the veteran teachers should watch their step cause they may next in line to be in the ATR pool...

  8. Totally right anonymous, the 22 year olds of today in the DOE who make 48K, don't have a master's degree and tenure will be dynamic until they are 25, have a master's, a master's plus 30 and start making some real money and actually get a life outside of work(ie a wife and kids). Then, you're no good in the eyes of this city

  9. Loved one of an ATR
    The trials and tribulations of the ATR teachers affect not only the teacher themselves but their families. I should know every week I deal with the anxiety that my boyfriend experiences from Friday evening... learning his new location; to that first day of school hurdle comes Monday morning. I drive him from Queens to every part of Williamsburg every Monday, Tuesday and Wed. morning back to Queens Manage a chore or two and back to Williamsburg I go. For some unknown reason although most of these schools have parking lots, Atrs are prohibited to use them regardless of availability. This is the beginning of what appears to be the bullying of the lone ATR. Although this beloved teacher has been asked by Principals, faculty, and students alike to join their school on a permanent basis, not one has been able to complete the task. I have come to the conclusion that the secret society that has power to make this come to fruition is somewhat like the members of the Divinci Code and are unwilling to grant thee simple request of these schools. And who suffers? The children of course. What bennefit does the constant rotation of these seasoned professionals accomplish. Who wouldn't think the sole purpose of this chaos is to force them into an early retirement! Shame on you Mayor Bloomberg.