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Monday, November 7, 2011

Darla reflects on her travels

Darla, the author of the popular "Darla's ATR Travel Guide," sent in this reflection upon her travels. 

The Verrazano Bridge, soon to be renamed ATR Crossing

As an ATR from Staten Island I have only been at one Staten Island school out of all of my selections, while I see that the Brooklyn ATRs are sent to Staten Island. I am not stupid nor are any of us, and when we are told that the computer is the one that selects, we know that that is pure B.S. 

We need to make a chart of who is going where and with which license.

I am an English teacher. Only two out of all the schools to which I was sent had an English vacancy--Boys and Girls and New Dorp, to which I applied 3 times with no response. I understand that New Dorp only wants new teachers. 

I am going to Automotive High School next week and they said they have an English vacancy.

The High School for Journalism needs an Earth Science teacher.

El Puente has no openings, nor did the ACORN School of Global Studies. 

We need to keep track of our travels.

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  1. Darla I think that I met your friend today at your old school. I gave her my number and email.

  2. Someone needs to have talk to the principal at New Dorp

  3. No vacancies at PS41 where I am placed this week. If anyone cares which I doubt. I was also asked to clock in and out. You bet Madame Principal no problem! Oh, and did the absent teacher leave work for the sub? "No, you should start having your own", Madame said. "I always do, I said, experienced teachers carry one for every grade and every subject just in case." You know I ask because some teachers leave leave sub folders even if you Madame don't check. Maybe it will be part of Danielson's framework. Only the best for the DoE!

  4. Only one school that I have been in has left work that keeps the kids busy most of the period. In other schools I have gotten stuff that either they had already done or takes them 5 minutes to do. And most of the kids don't do it anyway.

  5. 8:20 you're right! It's babysitting for sure. They would be better off playing in the yard or gym, taking a walk, maybe even stretch in class.
    God forbid they get off the test prep treadmill.