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Friday, October 28, 2011

Darla's ATR Travel Guide

An ATR teacher named Darla decided to help her school-hopping colleagues by preparing a little travel guide.  

Boys and Girls High School (Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn): No one cares who you are, no work is given, and if it is given it is the same work sheet you gave the students the day before. Beware of   bedbug infestation (a girl in class had them on her but said she didn't care, and a LARGE roach crawled out of the desk).

I told a student to sit and he body-slammed me instead; oh, the memories!!!  They DO have a parking lot.

New Dorp High School (Staten Island): The secretaries are nice, AP English is nice, and I actually covered classes. They have a posted vacancy but if you have years in the system, don't even think about being placed. The area is nice, Starbucks and TJ Max across the street. Very Confusing building layout, got lost everyday. Has a parking lot.

High School of Journalism (Park Slope, Brooklyn): Very nice secretaries, co-workers, wonderful area but no parking; you will circle and circle and circle around, if you have to drive in. Nothing to do, small school, no vacancies, sit in SAVE room allllllllll day.


  1. just posted on the other new blog that was introduced - that I had a funny or now maybe not so funny - conversation on the future of us ATRs. We will start having to change schools every day and then later they will have us change schools every period. The DOE and the UFT too unfortunately think that little of us at this point. I basically got told by an AP today that he believes that all ATRs are horrible teachers and he has no intent on hiring them. He noted that the DOE has made very clear to the principals that they never ever have to hire an ATR if they don't want to do so. They can play the interview game - which most don't - but they never have to make an offer,

  2. I am NOT looking forward to my stint at Boys and Girls! You should have fallen when that animal body slammed you and said you were hurt! Disgusting!

  3. According to the Excessed Staff Vacancy list New Dorp has several vacancies...I know a a couple are in Special Ed....