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Monday, October 3, 2011

UFT official denies prep-time to ATR teachers

In a recent NYCATR article, Philip Nobile laid out his plan for organizing ATR teachers before they meet with UFT officials this week:  
We will politely inform the borough reps that we want to meet for a half hour among ourselves. They will not say no. Then behind closed doors we bond and work out our agenda for the meeting. It should be brief with short-term and long- term goals. 

Alas, be careful what you ask for, because you might not get it. Mr. Nobile has been informed by a high-ranking UFT official that the meetings will be "informational," and that the UFT plans "to restate and update the group on their rights and responsibilities as ATR's."  The official added, "We also plan to have time for us to hear feedback from our members."

In other words, don't expect do be given any prep time when you meet with your union. Apparently, only the DOE gives prep time. 

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