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Friday, September 23, 2011

UFT Meetings for ATR Teachers in all 5 Boroughs

The UFT has now announced that it will be holding a meeting for members of the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) in each of the 5 boroughs.  Here is the poster that can be downloaded from


  1. The ATR as a category of teachers that Bloomberg/Klein initiated and maintained in the history of the NYC school system must end at the end of the contemplated meetings through the city since the teacher’s contracts do not have it, never had it. Separate and unequal is un-American, due process wise.

    Honestly, if the meetings of the ATRs in the five boroughs do not come up with a road map for the obliteration of the ATR phenomenon in the NYC school system without delay then it is a failure with a big F.

    All we are asking President Mulgrew to do is to safeguard what we have in the contracts for which he took an oath to uphold. And that it is more than appropriate to resign if you cannot uphold the standards of the United Federation of Teachers.

    Hey, we are a union of professionals and yet we have no say in agreements stripping us of due process right. Enough is enough.


  2. Re: UFT Invites Members in the ATR Oct 3-11,2011

    Why couldn’t the Union meet the ATRs before reaching an agreement with Tweed? This is awkward.

    For five consecutive years meetings between ATRs and UFT take place but status quo.

    Where does it end?

    While previous agreements were supposedly designed to clear the ATR pool, in the intervening time Tweed systematically gave principals waivers to hire new teachers to the system in all fields.

    What is meant by trivial pursuit Prsident Mulgrew?

    UFTer? I am 100%.


  3. In my old school they changed the codes of my program to allow someone's hubby to take my job..he is working as a day to day sub. I filed a grievance lost i Step 1 and know I will lose in Step 2. The union doesn't care and the principals are getting away with this! This has to be stopped!