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Thursday, September 22, 2011

NYC DOE crucifies a teacher; judge's orders ignored

NYCATR welcomes a new contributor who wishes to be known as Crucified Teacher.  Her tale is excruciating.

Crucifixion nails from approximately
2,000 years ago

I became an ATR after a federal judged overturned the DOE's attempt to terminate my employment.  Even though the judge ruled that I should not have been terminated from my teaching position, the DOE did not place me back into the position they should not have terminated me from. 

My interviewing has been awful. After the first job fair this past summer, during an interview, a principal shared a service history of me that has two big errors making me look like an awful teacher. I feel that because of this I am blacklisted and no principal will hire me. The more I network with principals in an attempt to be hired, the more aware they become of a service history that has terrible errors, and the more I may be networking myself as a terrible teacher... 

Even though I have current and up-to-date positive references, teaching/directing jobs, and professional administration course work, these do not seem to be a deciding factor in hiring me.  Principals only seem to be interested in my service history, which is full of major errors. 

This seems contrary to the DOE's insistence that we pursue being hired in a proactive manner, which I have wholeheartedly done.

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