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Saturday, October 15, 2011

RED ALERT FOR ATR TEACHERS: Check your DOE email daily!

A public service announcement from a teacher named G.:

I am writing this to alert ATR teachers to the potential for a poorly communicated assignment from the Human Resources department.

Today is Thursday, October 13, 2011. Last Thursday, I received my assignment from my DOE email for this past week. I thought my week's assignment was set. This past Tuesday and Wednesday, I went to the school I was told to report to in the email. 

I don't check my DOE email everyday. This past Wednesday night, October 12th, I happened to check my DOE email. To my surprise and my chagrin, I saw a new email from HR that had been sent on Friday, October 14, 2011 after 3:30PM! It stated that I should IGNORE the first email and report to a different school on Tuesday, October 11th.

This morning, Thursday, Oct. 13th, I called the first school to let them know I wouldn't be there and why. Then I reported to the second school and explained why I hadn't reported for the last two days. I called HR during my lunch and spoke with a rep. I think everything is corrected now. The payroll secretary at the present school entered my days on my time card.

I will now check my DOE email and the DHR link ( every day. "Fool me once..."


  1. That is crap! That Arunell woman said we would NOT be assigned to a new school after mid day on Friday. What a mess this is turning out to be! The school I was in last week was suppose to have 4 ATRs . I was the only one who showed. Also, I've been hearing that some ATRs were allowed to stay at their old schools. I want some answers!

  2. This is ridiculous...and we need to organize and mobilize!

    NYCATR, whenever you get a chance, poke around over at my blog. I can guarantee that there will be some stories over there as well.

    Scarlet D'd Girl (Scarlet Discontinue)

  3. And they tell us that we don't need representatives of our choosing?

    Why do they fear our electing our own representatives? What kind of civics lesson does this present that we could show our students?

  4. I got an e-mail about my first assignment on Saturday (October 9)!!! I know ATRs who stayed at the same school that week.

  5. I know one ATR who has been in the same school since last year. Why am I being moved around??? He is covering a maternity leave..