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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gypsy Teacher goes back to the future

The Gypsy Teacher is back on the road.  Too busy to write a full report, she sent in this brief update.

Many years ago when I began teaching I was assigned to the school where I was sent this week. Many of the faces were still the same and I was welcomed back by my former colleagues. 

The school was on the "bad" list a few years ago but with a new principal ( a very strong woman who used to be my AP and I happen to like) the school has been removed from the "bad" list. 

The school is not bad--but as for the students, well, what can I say? Many walk around with their pants around their thighs and hats or doo rags on their heads. Their language is awful and I had kids walking in and out of the classes. Most of the teachers here are older and are disgusted and appalled at what is happening to our schools. One 35-year veteran told me he was just observed and received a grade of "developing."  After 35 years of teaching and he is not developed yet? What a farce!

The school seems a bit more undisciplined after my ten year absence, but is it the teachers??? Or the unruly students? Why are we accountable for the way students behave or misbehave??? Are we wardens? Cops?

The rudeness and the disrespect is bad, and worse for the ATRs who do not even have any way to keep the students in line! I feel like a lion tamer...without the whip. 

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