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Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Ronin Teacher predicts pusillanimous prevarications at UFT-ATR meetings

Marc Epstein, otherwise known as the Ronin Teacher, looked into his crystal ball and predicted what will happen at the meeting between the UFT and the ATR teachers next week.  We hope he's wrong.

A Japanese palmreader at work
The UFT will do everything in its power to convince the ATRs that they have their backs and that they won the LIFO War with Bloomberg.

Mulgrew - Casey- Mendel can't explain why: 

a) the hiring freeze was lifted in August just as the ATR pool was growing;
b) they agreed to allow ATRs to be moved from week to week--it's a mystery.

ATRs that have per-session jobs like coaching might find it impossible to do those jobs as they are shifted around a large borough like Queens and Brooklyn. 

The ATR agreement really handed Bloomberg a LIFO victory by calling it something else. As if the life of a Ronin weren't bad enough, they threw in the right to move them around weekly.

The UFT is complicit in these terror tactics, or they are remarkably stupid. Perhaps it's a combination of the two.

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  1. If Ronin's scenario happens, it's our fault. As I recall from Randi days, terminating ATRs was a strike issue. As for Mulgrew's spin on weekly walkabouts, he said the revolving door gave principals a chance to meet and greet a variety of teachers, thus increasing our chances of landing jobs. As if. I was the kind of sellout the UFT is famous for, facilitated no doubt by keeping ATRs out of the negotiation. Never again. Philip Nobile

  2. If my experiences as an ATR phoning the borough/central offices are any indication, there will be a lot of blather about how the ATRs are "lucky to have a job" and how fortunate they will be because of all the new administrators they will get to suck up to, er, meet and network with.

    Substantive action will only come when the Unity hacks feel threatened. We are not there yet and I am sure this meeting is a ruse to try to throw the ATRs a bone in exchange for their silence.

  3. Marc:

    I agree with you that this meeting will only for the UFT to tell us that they got our back when in fact, they will stab us in the back.

  4. The uft told me exactly that I was lucky to have. a job. And they sit back and allow principals to reinterpret the contract to suit their own agenda!

  5. The last paragraph should be o the gravestone at 52 Broadway as the UFT is killed off for good.