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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Is the UFT sugarcoating the new ATR deal?

We recently summarized an official DOE document that gives the nitty-gritty details of the new rules for deployment of the Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR).  
               *click here to see NYCATR's summary

Now, the latest edition of the UFT's newspaper, the New York Teacher, has provided their own summary of the ATR agreement (see page 3 of the August 4th edition)

The problem is that there seems to be a discrepancy between the DOE's version and the UFT's version.  

The DOE says that vacancies created by long-term absences will be covered by ATR teachers on a "trial basis," prior to a school using a per-diem substitute;  a principal may remove an ATR teacher from such a "trial" at any time, at which point a per-diem substitute may be hired.
     *In other words, there is no guarantee that any ATR teacher will ultimately land the long-term assignment.  If, after subjecting an ATR to a trial, the principal still prefers a per-diem  candidate, Ms. Per-Diem gets the gig.

The UFT reports: "Every long-term absence or leave must be filled by an ATR.  Two ATRs must be sent for consideration for placement to any school that has at least one vacancy.  The principal can accept them or not." (Italics added by NYCATR.) 
     *This sounds like the assignment will definitely be given to an ATR teacher; the only question is which of the ATR teachers will win the beauty contest. 

And so, we wonder:
*Did the UFT have access to a DOE document that NYCATR
hasn't seen yet?
*Does the UFT know how to read?
*Is the UFT trying to sugarcoat a lousy deal
that they negotiated for the ATR teachers?

The author of this blog is pro-UFT, but he is an equal-opportunity questioner. Any answers out there?

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  1. "Any answwes out there?"said NYC ATR at 12.42 PM on Aug.10 2011.

    Answers? Until we consult with a psychoanalyst please read this piece.
    UFT always negotiates in good faith with the Board of Education of the City of New York given that we mean what we say while the Chancellors office and City Hall hijacked by their respective legal departments have systematically sabotaged the Collective Bargaining Agreements negotiated with the Union as if this is in writing but we didn’t mean it. And that usual posturing is causing UFT a fortune since there is a constant need to take matter to arbitration or court for the purpose of seeking remedy to simple issues negotiated with Tweed. It has been a constant battle between the Union and City Hall twisting on contractual agreements. You may recall how Klein in a letter was instructing principals how to get rid of the ATRS…

    If Article 18D of the teachers’ contract were implemented as designed there wouldn’t be any ATRs to date. UFT explains that "Pedagogues in closing schools...If you work in a school that is closing or being phased out, you have the right to apply and be considered for positions in any new schools in the same building. Under Article 18D of the UFT contract, a minimum of 50 percent of the positions in the new schools are reserved for the most senior applicants from the closing school who meet the school’s qualifications.

    Any remaining vacancies at the new school are to be filled by that school’s Personnel Committee from among transfer applicants, excessed staff and/or new hires. Candidates must hold appropriate credentials..."

    Instead City Hall and the Chancellors office went on a media campaign to disparage the personnel of closing schools as to prevent their hiring by principals of the small schools.

    FYI-When teachers of the closing schools were denied positions for which they applied and were qualified for without any doubt UFT had to file grievances with the Chancellors office in order to implement 18D.Well, after deliberation, Klein sided with the principals of the small schools who refused to hire the employees making a formal complaint. Please note that those teachers and other professionals whom were left out of permanent positions in the emerging small schools had over 15 years of service with unblemished records. Historically they became the first 46 ATRs from Evander Childs High School. The Evander Childs Campus has now 6 small schools and some of the teachers are still ATRs after 6 years.
    Finally keep in mind that it takes two to tango and the Union is overwhelmed by Mayoral control which paved the ways for politicians, business entitles and lawyers to hijack the educational process.
    The irony is that Wall Street cannot even run its own businesses as evinced by the series of bail -outs at the end of the 2oth century and beginning of the 21st century. Where have the lawyers been during the recent fraudulent mortgage transactions of our banking industry? The TEA Party just downgraded our economy.

    In solidarity