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Thursday, August 11, 2011


To prove my point that NYCATR is pro-UFT, here is a little gem from today's New York Daily News.  It is a letter from a wise woman named Regina Castro, a woman who knows the difference between friend and foe.

UFT is on our side 
Brooklyn: As a city school parent, I dispute the Daily News' contention that teachers unions are a leading force in hindering parental involvement ("Lessons in deception," editorial, Aug. 5). The United Federation of Teachers joined with parents to stop devastating budget cuts to our schools this year. It has worked to secure parent associations in charter schools. And it partnered with parents to reform middle schools in low-income neighborhoods. The leading force in trampling parental involvement is the Department of Education. Whether it's school closings, co-locations or PCBs, the DOE shuts parents out every step of the way.

      Regina Castro

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