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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hardship Travel Update: ATR teachers catch a break

                                                        Philip Nobile reports:

ATR teachers will no longer have to cross the
Verrazano Bridge.
Reversing course, the DOE seems to have ended all ATR travels between Brooklyn (HS District 76) and Staten Island.  According to Brooklyn (BASIS) District Representative Tom Bennett, ATR teachers will be assigned henceforth to schools in their own boroughs. At least one Brooklyn ATR was sent to Staten Island in the August 30 notice, but he got a no-go the following day with a new assignment in Brooklyn.

What is up with the DOE that previously could not have been any meaner about sticking ATRs with these inhumane and totally unnecessary commutes in two escalating grievances last year? Why didn’t Tweed wait for the upcoming arbitration? Did the UFT have any role in the policy shift? Will either party make a public notice? 


  1. I was told that the UFT has been fighting this battle since last year. I know that Tom Bennett told a fellow ATR last year that the union was fighting for Staten Islanders to be kept on the Island but I never thought it would come to pass!

  2. Wow... I wish I knew that before I purchased a car because I live in Brooklyn and was placed in Staten Island Tuesday morning. I drove there, only to be told that I had now been placed in Brooklyn. Always check your DOE email!
    The worst of it is that I am licensed in Italian, and the Staten Island school had a position on the open market, but decided to nix the whole Italian program last minute.

  3. Maybe I was the "at least one" mentioned in this post. In my case how can I let my district know that I'd be happy to drive to Staten Island for an Italian position?

  4. Philip Nobile always gets in trouble no matter what school he is at? I wonder why? Phil can you tell us? How does 1 teacher have so many problems at EVERY school you aree assigned to? It's not possible unless you aaare the problem. I've read your posts and it is crazy!