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Friday, August 17, 2012

Why Our Students' Behavior is So Miserable

There are many reasons why the behavior of so many New York City students is miserable, disrespectful, inappropriate, and downright disgusting.  I am too humble to say that I know all the reasons, or even that I know which is the primary reason.  I do know that one of the reasons has been elegantly stated by a blogger named Jersey Jazzman: 

Our kids are inundated by consumerist-driven messages from the minute they open their eyes. They are subjected to loud, bright, crass, violent, inappropriate, inhumane, sexualized, disrespectful, intolerant media in a wide variety of delivery systems. This constant crush of sound and images is capable of dangerously desensitizing them to the real world - a world where they must learn to collaborate, to question, to evaluate, to empathize, and to respect each other.
Click here to read the complete article.  

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