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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unassigned Teachers of the World, Unite!

The geniuses at E4E recently reported on the Chancellor's latest attempt to "solve" the ATR problem:

How to solve the problem of unassigned teachers has long been a battleground issue for city education officials and the union, the United Federation of Teachers.

If you're unassigned, try twiddling your thumbs. Or
try out some of the tips at

Tell me, brothers and sisters of the Absent Teacher Reserve, how often have you been "unassigned"?

Weren't you assigned to a different school every week this year?  And didn't you always go where you were told to go?  And didn't you always teach the classes you were assigned to teach (except of course when the students wouldn't let you teach them)?

And if, on occasion, you were not given anything to do, was that because there's no work to be done in our overcrowded schools?  And was it because you--with your degrees, certificates, and years of satisfactory service--weren't able to do the work?  Or was it because some knucklebrained administrator couldn't take five minutes to identify some struggling students who could benefit from your expertise?

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  1. There's always something to do. How about the chancellor, mayor, E4E bleeding heart libs go to some of the schools I've been in, have a truculent AP refuse to give you room numbers and call ATRs 'F*#@k*!g incompetent' and say they are 'excessed for a reason'