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Monday, April 23, 2012

Take me to your leader

A Martian landed at Tweed Courthouse the other day and commanded the first bureaucrat he spotted, "Take me to your leader." Did the pencil-pusher lead the green creature to the Chancellor? to the Mayor? to the State Commissioner of Education? None of the above. He led the alien to the corporate headquarters of Pearson publishing, who claim to be "neutral" providers of assessment materials.

A blogger named  Ariel Sacks begs to differ with that "neutral" tag:

It is not neutral to give an outside for-profit company sole control over the assessment of our children's learning, hold that up as evidence of our teaching quality, and then require teachers to keep silent about the particulars of these measures. This feels like an instrument of control out of a very different era than the one in which I thought I lived.

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  1. Posting as anonymous because of the witch hunt environment under which we all labor these days.
    Ms. Sacks makes a good point in this particular blog post. But her name triggered memories of some "not so good" posts she has written in the past regarding experienced teachers, ATRs and educational reform in general. The moral of this story is be careful of what you lobby for, you must might get it. And it will bite you in the posterior. I hope a lesson was learned.

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