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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Attack of the Wall-eyed

We have all had the experience: supervisors, usually two or more levels removed from the classroom, come to visit our schools. Do they observe our teaching? Do they observe (or even notice) the students and their behavior, which is often the biggest barrier of all to educating them properly? 

No.  They stare at the bulletin boards on the walls.  They check to see if the student work is current, if it is accompanied by the correct Common Core Standards, by the latest politically correct Task Card and teacher comment style, if it is neat, attractive, and if the papers are attached to the board by the requisite four staples, no less, no more.

NYCATR's staff cartoonist has explored the situation in pictures and words. Although we think his draftmanship makes James Thurber look like Rembrandt, we think you'll be amused by this cartoon's presumption. 

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