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Sunday, April 29, 2012

ATR teachers react to Mulgrew's re-election bid

Good morning, class.  This is a flyer that will be distributed to all UFT members.  As you will soon see, it's encouraging all of us to re-elect Michael Mulgrew to another term as UFT President. 

People in the front row, please take one flyer for yourself and pass the others back.

Now, here's your assignment:
     *Examine the poster, especially the second checked
                    OF OUR ATR's
    *Write your reactions in the Comments section below.
    *If you feel like throwing up, don't bother to raise your
     hand; just leave the room quickly and quietly. 


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  1. Did they ever poll the ATRs on this insane weekly assignments? Why are high school teachers not kept in their district? Is there an ATR on the ATR committee that has apparently never met?

    As for upholding ATR rights, the union should make sure that Principals cannot hire new teachers with qualified ATRs available in the district. Then I might agree.

  2. The ultimate indignity is being lied to while looking for a vote.

  3. I speak to as many teachers that will listen to me on the weekly rotations. Maybe one or two of the hundreds I have spoken with have no idea what is Unity or that there are caucuses within our union. Until this changes, there will be no real opposition.

    For those of us rotating do not believe our rights and dignity have been preserved. Not one of the more than 50 or so ATR's I have seen this year like what is going on. Hey Leo, give me a call and I will give you the in's and out's of ATR's. Unity's strategy is to act like it all good and then MAYBE a time limit will not be imposed yet. They know it is coming and I would like to know what they are proactively doing to confront this. I have been told by many from 52 Broadway that they will "never sell us out". It is hard to believe when they have sold out so much in the past.

  4. Real world to ATRs: In any other industry or school system: If there are not enough jobs to go around, the excess people are laid off, not paid anyway to hang out.

    Stop griping and be thankful you are still getting your full paycheck, which is pensionable to boot,