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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Nightingale meets Newspeak

Some ATR teachers have recently reported that Field Supervisors have asked to see their lesson plans.  This is a very odd request to make of a teacher who has no schedule and can be sent at any moment to "teach" any subject on any grade level.  

One teacher, Rodney Nightingale, had the courage (and chutzpa) to contact the Human Resources department and request a clarification. Here is their answer: 

Dear Mr. Nightingale: 
Thank you for contacting our office. Your weekly ATR assignments are generated based on your seniority district which in your case is D11. This includes both elementary and middle schools who both need day to day coverage by quality experienced teachers such as yourself. The level of lesson plan preparation will vary by school, and we encourage you to work with the principal of each assignment to ensure the best instruction to students. 
Best Regards,
Teacher Hiring Support Unit 
Division of Human Resources & Talent

Mr. Nightingale reported that he is "at a loss" to figure out HR's response.  We suggest, Rod, that you go to the public library and pick up a book called 1984 and read all the references to Newspeak and doublethink.

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  1. might be the dumbest most insulting letter I have ever read - the teacher support system is a joke - tell the field supervisor you would him to demonstrate a lesson on the spot - he will run for the hills - field administrators what a joke - the only field they belong in is a prairie field in Kansas