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Saturday, December 3, 2011

NYCATR gadfly stings horses and lipsticked pigs

Philip Nobile, our resident gadfly, has been corresponding with UFT officials again. NYCATR is proud to present Nobile's stinging messages to the UFT, and not so proud to present some of the UFT's responses.

December 2, 2011

From: Philip Nobile

To:  Thomas Bennett, Basis HS representative; Amy Arundell, Special Representative; Howard Schoor, Brookly Borough Representative; Cc: Michael Mulgrew, President; Michael Mendel, Secretary

Dear colleagues :

You have not responded to my email query of November 12 quoted below:

"According to Tom [Bennett], the UFT is talking to DOE about insane ATR commutes. I urge all deliberate speed. I just got my 3rd S.I. order in four weeks [Nobile lives in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn]. Please update. When did the UFT last speak to DOE on this matter and what was the conclusion?"

As you know, ATRs are discontented with their plight, especially considering that we are barred from the committee reviewing the agreement. This is typical of how Unity leadership operates. The top tells the bottom (ATRs) that they are unworthy of chapter representation or access to DA or chapter leader meetings. And topping off our disenfranchisement, you deprive us of basic information like the above.

Please answer my question. Thanks for your consideration.

From: Thomas Bennet
To: Philip Nobile

Dear Philip:

I said we are talking to them. By that I mean we had hoped that the DOE would see that a more sensible approach to the Tottenville-Bed-Stuy shuttle would be in everyone’s interest. I haven’t heard much from ATRs in the last few weeks, so I’m wondering if DOE has started keeping people closer to home? 

Your assertion that all ATRs are disconcerted with their plight, and their lack of equanimity arises from their ignorance of “secret” bargaining sessions, access to DA, and separate chapter representation is not borne out by my experience, and I speak with a lot of ATRs. 

Naturally, if I hear anything about a change of policy, I’ll let you know. And please keep me informed about any changes you experience in the field.

I’m still looking for you at Staten Island Tech. Perhaps we can team-teach my Global class one of these weeks.


From: Philip Nobile
To: Thomas Bennett


Apparently, we talk to different ATRs. I've never met a contented one.

Mulgrew's lipstick has worn off this pig. The ATR situation is akin to the rubber room fiasco, and the UFT's hands are all over it. How would you like to sub in a different school every week? Silly question.

Anyhow, why won't somebody tell me:
 (1) who from the UFT has talked to DOE about ATRs and when;
       (2) what was on the agenda and what was the DOE's reaction
       to commuter complaints, and the UFT's counter-reaction; and

       (3) why are no ATRs on the the UFT review committee?

These are basic questions. We need to know if you're fighting for us. In the name of transparency the UFT owes ATRs an explanation.

On the other hand, only co-teaching with you could carry me back to S.I. 

P.S. Howie promised future ATR meetings at the October fest. Do you have a date in mind?

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  1. He must be talking to different people. I am in contact with many ATRs and maybe one in ten like the weekly assignment process. One of my friends was so desperate he took a job in a "F" grade school in Brooklyn because he couldn't stand it anymore.

    I would like to point out that I had the same complaints and wrote about it on my blog.

  2. When I was at Tech and I tried to pin him down and ask him questions he ran away and fled to the men's bathroom! Funny in retrospect. Actually, maybe not.

  3. let's make this clear - there are no ATRs that are happy with this situation. I am an ATR and I HATE IT !! It is the degrading and humiliating situation to be in and my friends who are ATRs and I all HATE it. Anyone who says otherwise is lying probably in the hope that the it will ingratiate him to the UFT. I hate going to work everyday - It is not work. It is disgusting. What was supposed to be a noble profession has been completely decimated. It is so sad that this all needs to be said. I could never have imagined this happening to me in a million years.

  4. We are the 1%.... The rest could give two craps. Bloomberg hates all except the super rich, the DoE is out of date, the UFT is run by folks who have bathroom keys, most parents are struggling to pay the rent and the public shrugs its shoulder and hopes to move to mostly rich white suburbs with good schools. Politicians no longer fight for the working poor...where is the outrage? OWS? We had our moment.

  5. Get the school I am in this week I met a young teacher in the bathroom. They are paying her a paras salary! This principal is getting a full time teacher at a para's salary! How is this allowed????

  6. How dare he even say that he hasn't heard from ATR"s lately. Could it be the fact that he doesn't answer his phone, or perhaps that many have given up. If I hear one more time from the UFT that I should be glad that I have a job I am going to scream. This is not the "JOB" that I signed up for. I am at the end of my rope and looking to move on. Our "JOB" is a disgrace.

  7. They want us to be miserable! And it is working!