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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gypsy Teacher finds a teacher being paid a para's salary

NYCATR's beloved Gypsy Teacher had a good week in Staten Island, but she also uncovered a disturbing little secret.  

This past week I found myself at CSI High School for International Studies. It is a small school in the heart of Staten Island. It shares a building with two other schools. It was basically an easy week. The first day I was given an assignment as a hall monitor but the rest of the week I was given classes to cover. The students were well behaved and the teachers left real work. 

I saw the Principal once, at an assembly. He is very young as are most of the teachers in the school. Surprise! I also spoke to a young girl who is teaching 5 classes but is being paid as a para. How is this allowed?? Principals seem to be doing pretty much anything they want. I overheard that a teacher is retiring at the end of the term. You know that an ATR won't be hired!

Anyway, parking was fine if you got there before 7:15; otherwise you had to look for some place to park. The bathroom key was hung in the main office. That was the only key for the second floor. Some teachers didn't have a bathroom key. There was a lounge on the 4th floor with some Macs and a bathroom, no key needed!

All, in all a very good school.

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  1. Just a guess but do you think the young girl is still a college student and that's why the para's salary? Of course it's illegal for her to teach 5 classes, but no one seems to care. I worked in a school where a para taught classes for 7 years. The principal put another teacher's name on the kids' programs. Accountability is only for real teachers.

  2. I'm sure the UFT will get to the bottom of that...

  3. Oh yeah....right away I am sure.

  4. There is something that this girl is leaving out. If true, this may be the worst story I have heard with regards to abuse/hiding vacancies/money etc

  5. Nope....she is also a coach.

  6. I like your post and thanks for sharing it.