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Saturday, December 17, 2011

ATR invited to interview at Bronx Predatory

NYCATR has uncovered a new contributor, whom we have dubbed "ATR Prep."   He claims to aim for "comic relief," but--as we all know--in the world of the DOE, reality, comedy, and tragedy are all inextricably bound together.

Here is ATR Prep's appetizer:

I've so far been assigned to Collegiate Prep in the Erasmus Hall building, Brooklyn College Prep in Brownsville, and now Brooklyn Preparatory HS in Williamsburg. Based on some of my experiences in these schools I was saying to a fellow ATR if I see another school with "Brooklyn" and "Prep" in the title my blood will run cold.

And now for the main course:

Mr. Al Gator, Dean of Students at Bronxwood
Predatory Academy
I've got a mandatory interview for Friday (way out of district) at the "Bronxwood Predatory Academy." I kid you not.  Here is the email:

From: Martinez Yissel
Sent: Wednesday, December 14, 2011 3:36 PM
To: Mr. _________ _____________
Subject: Mandated Excess Interview Letter

Dear Mr. ______________,

You are asked to attend an interview for a ESL teaching position at 11X514. The interview is scheduled as follows:

DATE: 12/16/2011

TIME: 10:00 AM

LOCATION: Bronxwood Predatory Academy 921 E. 228th Street Bronx, NY 10466.

ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS – Interview with Principal, Janet Gallardo

For more information regarding this school, go to and enter the name or number of the school in the Find a School section. On the school page you will find a link to a map showing the school location, travel directions, and a link to statistics and other information about the school.

As an excessed teacher, you are required to attend this interview. The principal at your ATR assignment school has been informed about this requirement and asked to give you release time to attend the interview. Time permitting, allowing for the time for the interview and travel, you should report to your ATR assignment at the start and/or end of the day. Although the school where you are assigned has been informed of the above, it is recommended that you confirm your required attendance at this event with your principal, and discuss whether it will be feasible for you to report to your ATR assignment for part of the day.

Please bring several copies of your resume with you to the interview. If you have any need of assistance with your resume or guidance on interviewing please visit the Teacher Hiring Support Center website at


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you,

Yissel Martinez, Human Resources Director
Division of School Support and Instructions
Cluster 6 Network 603
1230 Zerega Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462

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  1. How can he be assigned out of district???

  2. love those school names - everyone is going to Harvard because the name of their school says so!!

  3. They can't. All you need to do is email her back telling her that you are not interested in the position and since it is not in my district I can refuse the invitation.

    I have received seven such emails for out of district positions and refused them all.

  4. I would think of it as a day away from your current assignment. If you are at a place you can't stand, you may want to go, scheduling the interview for the middle of the morning. Take your time, have a tax-deductible lunch out and make sure you get back too late to be of much use to anyone. (Drive the speed limit and stop for all yellow lights; take the scenic route, maybe get lost :-])

    If you are at a school you like, it may not be worth the trouble, and then I'd take Chaz's advice. They can't force you out of district.

    I got 2 of those "command performances" during my first year as ATR. They were both in Manhattan, one at a school scheduled to begin phase-out the following September. I went, even though the commute was far beyond what I could justify (over 4hr in transit daily), mainly because my assignment that year was a living nightmare. I took ANY excuse I could to get out of there, even for a day.

  5. I agree: go to the fake bogus interview if you want the day off or blow it off if you like your school -I got 2 days off for interviews last week for jobs that I wouldn't take in a million years - but I was home by noon!

  6. At least it's nice to know that Mr. Al, the Dean of Students, has a cheery smile!

  7. The choice is your choice whether or not to interview. The DOE knows it, too, that is why they wrote in there you are 'asked' to interview. You cannot be reprimanded. If you do not want to go, don't go. Or go and have an easy day. Odds are, you'll be home early in the day and you'll most likely be able to sleep in. I went to a school last year that was out of district that took me 2 hours to get to in peak rush hour, got to the school, told the guy how ridiculous the commute and parking was and it was over in 5 minutes and I had the rest of the day to myself.

  8. I am hearing of one ATR in Queens that has a Math license for high school but assigned this week to an elementary school. The principal decides to give him a hard time for these two weeks just because he complained a bit. He should have just focused on talking to the union. Always present your case properly first to the chapter leader then to the union office if that doesn't work. Heard she observed him teaching a 3rd grade class. Stay tuned.

  9. The way I see it, if you're placed out of license like the person who has the math license, if they give you a pre-k class the whole day etc etc, just let them know up front you are not licensed for it and you are not trained for it and really are clueless as of what to do. if they give you a hard time, then speak to the uft rep and call a district rep in.

  10. yeah the union is just soooo helpful

  11. You can't be forced to go to an out of district interview. I think the person who wrote this email got confused -- probably overtyped on the wrong form. You only have to go to Mandatory Interviews in your district.