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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The UFT 1% turns a deaf ear

Remember the letter that Philip Nobile wrote to all the UFT bigwigs about the two-hour commute from Brooklyn to Staten Island that the DOE was subjecting him to?  You forgot?  It seems that the UFT forgot it about it also, since none of their top leaders chose to answer Nobile's plea for help.  Here is Nobile's post mortem on this sorry story:

Sad to say, but no surprise, none of the UFT 1 percent responded to my plea re ATRs condemned to hardship commutes. Apparently, Mulgrew et al. have other things on their mind. 

Thomas Bennett
Still, there is light at the end of the tunnel. BASIS rep Tom Bennett says that our complaints have not gone unheard:

"I certainly agree and echo your sentiments. The District 76 situation is a disgrace. We are certainly making this case in conversations with the DOE, and we’re hopeful that there are a few sane people left on the other side. I’ll let you know if I hear any good news."

Bennett told me later on the phone that some S.I. principals have been accommodating. So on Friday I called the faraway McCown Expeditionary School on the Island, this week's assignment, and said that I would be unable (i.e., adverse) to make the monastic 7:45am start. 

"Could you make it by 8:30?" I was asked. That I could do. I urge ATRS to follow the same route for the time being.

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  1. Distance from your house to work location is a major part of the algorithm. All of my work locations have been the maximum distance from where I live.

    This just a part of the psychological warfare that is being waged against the ATR subspecies.

    I see the collusion between the parasitical union and our employers as total and complete.

    Our colleagues don't seem to be aware that this misfortune can happen to them at any time.

    The life of an atr under this regime is designed to be both demeaning and insufferable.

    If this doesn't meeet the definition of constructive discharge and hostile work environment, I don't know what does.

    It is time to go to court and throw as much paper at them as possible.

    This is a true civil rights violation.


  2. Why can't the DOE just keep us in our geographic districts??? This commuting is getting out of hand! This is something the ATRs should fight for especially since soon we will be hit with winter weather!

  3. I have a great idea! Why can't the ATRs have a message board set up and then we can trade assignments?? I am sure that it could work! Since most of us are sent to schools without vacancies what is the difference which body is assigned to a school. This can work! Trade you!

  4. The message board is a great idea-this would help many atrs.- we need to find someone in the pool who knows how to set these boards up.

  5. I will try to find out!

  6. Are they docking you 45 MINUTES per day? Cause that would be unfair.

  7. The GEM ATR Committee has set up a google group. Email requesting to join. Also note the gematr committee is meeting on Weds at 5PM at the Skylight Diner, 34St and 9th ave.

  8. sorry but Tom B. doesn't have your back at all

  9. Sorry to say, but Tom B. is not a very competent person and he never returns the calls.

  10. How come we have incompetent people representing us??? Who is evaluating them????

  11. Incompetency RULES in the DOE.

  12. True. Sad but true.