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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Once again, the New York Teacher fails to report on the ATR

Once again, NYCATR presents you with an empty box, this one found on a streetcorner in Brooklyn, reposing among lovely fallen leaves and less-lovely bags of garbage.  The empty box represents, again, the number of words that the latest edition of the UFT's New York Teacher devoted to the Absent Teacher Reserve.  

Have no fear, however.  The UFT has passed a resolution in which they promise "that the New York Teacher will run an article on teachers in the Absent Teacher Reserve, including how teachers became part of the ATR."  The resolution also promises the following:

*the United Federation of Teachers will direct its chapters and Chapter Leaders to reach out to members of the Absent Teacher Reserve who are assigned to their schools, to welcome them, and to support them;  

*the UFT [will] demand that the DOE create a protocol for Principals so that UFT members going into a school for the first time will be treated professionally and given the information for that particular school necessary to perform their duties;  

*the United Federation of Teachers will continue to educate Chapter Leaders about the rights of teachers in the Absent Teacher Reserve, and direct its chapters and Chapter Leaders to continue to proactively protect those rights, and to intervene if those rights are being infringed upon by administration, as the ATR may be justifiably reluctant or fearful of speaking up; 

*the United Federation of Teachers has always and will always stand for the dignity of all UFT members.


  1. We have rights? Could have fooled me!

  2. we have the right to go unnoticed.

    the right to be jerked around on interviews.

    the right to hope we can find a toilet.

    the right to hope we find where our school is

    the right to teach in schools out of our license area.

    the right to re-arrange our child care, doctor appointments and schedule of our secondary jobs based on where we are week to week.

    finally, we have the right to be asked,'are you a sub or a real teacher?' by staff and students.

    we also have the right to have no clue how each school runs