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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gypsy Teacher goes Tech Hi

 Here's the latest from one of NYCATR's roving reporters, Gypsy Teacher.
This week went by in a flash. That is because I was at Staten Island Technical High School. It is a specialized school where students have to take a test to be accepted. 

The first day I was the library assistant and then I was given classes for the rest of the week. Almost every day I was given 6 classes but it was a cake walk. The students were given "real" work to do and they did it. No one was disrespectful and no one had their pants around their thighs. The teachers seemed pleasant but I usually stayed in the room I was assigned to. Every teacher has a computer in their classroom so I usually checked my mail or played games on my lunch period. The parking is abundant and if you want you can walk a couple of blocks to Hylan Boulevard where you wil find supermarkets, delis, and other stores. 

I wish I could have stayed in this school longer but, alas, I am being sent another another journey next week--this time for 8 days!  I'll be going to Brooklyn Tech which has 9 floors. I don't take elevators so this should be interesting. If I have a heart attack on the job is that considered a work related incident? And since parking is ridiculous in downtown Brooklyn I will probably have to put my car in a lot. The teachers that work there probably have parking passes which as ATRs we are not privvy to...whatever! At least once I get there I figure the kids should be good!

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  1. I subbed every day last week at Brooklyn Tech. The kids are great....very respectful. Parking is rough but there appears to be lots in the area. I opted to take the R train to DeKalb and it worked out just fine. Good luck.

  2. Thanks. I live in Staten Island so the subway is out. Worse case there are lots for like $9..All the specialized schools have great kids!

  3. Wow 2 specialized high schools back to back! what a lucky atr you are - that sentence is such an oxymoron. Sorry - because it will catch up with you again and you will be sent to a let's say less selective place. I've been cursed out in a number of different languages in my ATR travels. This sucks!

  4. If you read my travels I have been sent to not so great schools. AS long as there is abundant parking and isn't that far away I could care less about being cursed at.

  5. If a school provides the following for me my life for one week is so much better:
    a computer for free periods
    a bathroom key
    a fridge for my lunch

    extra points for:

    a place to put my coat winter is coming
    a fellow atr to talk to so I don't get so lonely

    that's it -that is all it takes for me to be able to make it thru a week
    is it too much?

  6. DITTO oh and good parking!