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Monday, November 21, 2011

Cancer Patient U-rated for Excessive Absence

Here's the latest from our well-traveled contributor, Darla.

I spent last week at the High School of Research, otherwise known as The High School of Collegiate Studies. While there I met a great staff, and the teachers were very nice and helpful. 

The Principal, on the other hand, was rude. I was assigned the SAVE room, which was a storage closet. The payroll secretary kept a close eye on my coming and going. The students were fine and respectful, except for a few who had to make a point of being immature and nasty. Overall, it was a quiet week, very boring and lousy parking. 

An example of what a lovely Principal she is? I was informed that she U-rated a teacher for being absent one time above the limit of 10.  The women had breast cancer and was going for chemotherapy.

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  1. hopefully this will be an example of karma - what goes around comes around and this principal is going to get what she deserves - I have a few choice names I'd like to call her but they are too vulgar to be printed here and I won't lower myself to her level

  2. I have heard principals doing that so many times! How can they get away with it? Aren't doctors' notes enough to save a teacher from a U rating?

  3. Just watch the DOE sustain the U.
    And NYSUT will wax about how difficult and uphill the struggle against this U will be.

    Surely a sign of a deeply sick society.

  4. It is my story. I filed a grievance, had a hearing and the DOE denied it despite the fact that I had 19 days in my C.A.R. pool at that time. I went to the DOE for the hearing and paid attention that all the hallways and offices were decorated with pink ribbons and posts in support of brest cancer survivors!
    This U-rating is still in my file.

  5. I am so sorry for posting your story but I felt that it is necessary to get the word out of what is going on. Please do not be angry that I did. I wish for you all the best in your recovery.

  6. I thought that you couldn’t just get a U for absences (anymore). Mulgrew went through a whole song and dance at a delegate meeting.