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Thursday, November 10, 2011

ATR teacher asked to surrender her driver's license to obtain a bathroom key

Here's the latest from NYCATR's ever-popular Gypsy Teacher. 

I was placed at McKee Vocational High School on Staten Island for this week's stint. The school is a vocational high school but unfortunately does not offer a program in my license area.

Truthfully, when I first saw that I was placed at this school I was a bit worried since the rep around the teacher water cooler was that the school is NOT GOOD. It is good though--as much as any city school can claim to be. The classes I covered were a bit noisy but the students were mostly well behaved and respectful. Many of the "shop" classes are double period classes and one day I had 6 classes (3 double periods) but then the next day I had 4 (2 double periods) and the last day I was given only 3 classes to cover. The aide who gave me my program was very nice. I obtained a bathroom key but had to leave my Costco card with her to be picked up at the end of the day as collateral. At first, she requested my license but I balked at that, fearful it may be lost; hence my Costco card was left.

The parking is horrendous and I was forced to put my car in the Municipal Lot which was thankfully only $7 and a block away. One day I was lucky enough to obtain a spot. The school is 5 floors and as a non-elevator person, my legs got a workout. The teacher's lounge is on the 5th floor and offers coffee, bagels and muffins in the morning. There are delis in the area but I chose to bring my lunch.

I never was introduced to the principal or AP. The teachers and staff were very friendly and I have learned to make friends quickly so I have people to eat lunch with. I always need to talk to adults during the day or I will go batty! The school is clean but HOT. The radiators blasted throughout the day and I don't know why since the temperatures were near 70! Someone said the principal is always cold; I am the opposite.

All in all I would not mind working at this school. And my legs would be rock hard! Truthfully, as I pass through schools and meet with former students who transferred I miss having my own class. I miss TEACHING. I don't miss the paper work...yet.

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