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Saturday, November 5, 2011

ATR Resolution to be Presented at November 9 Delegate Assembly

The following was distributed through the  GEM/ATR email group at

This coming Wednesday, November 9, Teachers for a Just Contract will be trying for the second month in a row to get the floor to move the resolution below, co-sponsored with Grassroots Education Movement (GEM). We are asking for help in copying and distributing the resolution. If you are able to make copies and/or come to the Delegate Assembly, please contact TJC at The Delegate Assembly is located at UFT Headquarters, 52 Broadway, Manhattan. The meeting begins at around 4:15. People are needed for distribution from around 3:30 pm until around 5 pm.

Resolution to Solve the ATR Crisis
November 2011
For Next Month’s Agenda

Resolved: The UFT will mobilize all members to rally at Tweed & City Hall at the earliest possible date, to demand:

1. Until Every ATR within a license has a position, no new hiring in that license.

2. ATRs with arcane licenses, or licenses in which there are few positions, be allowed to recertify in new licenses without loss of tenure or seniority. Those who have comparable and valid state licenses should be grandfathered into those state licenses. 

3. Audit principals’ hiring for possible race and age discrimination.

4. Restore the contractual right of excessed teachers to the closest vacancy in their license.

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