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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gypsy Teacher sings the ATR blues

I always use to like Thursdays until the DOE took my life and career and put it on hold. Now, I wake up with a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach. Where will they send me next week? How long will it take? Will I be able to park? Is the school dangerous? What will I be doing there? So many questions and the answers are beyond my control. Unfortunately, I like to be in control.

This ATR merry-go-round is wreaking havoc with my mental state. I am feeling angry and depressed. Today, I sit and watch as the youngsters come in and have their own classes. Their own program. Their own school. Today, I am feeling bitter and angry.

First of all, I was excessed from my old school unfairly and the union says I have no hope of winning the grievance. SHOCKER! Principals are ruling the schools and they get what they want at the expense of the teachers and the students. I hear that the newbie  who is teaching the program I should have had is having a hard time. Can't control the classes and can't keep up. Another SHOCKER! 

I have been in three schools so far and in each school I have seen per-diem substitutes being awarded positions and NOTHING has been done! We, the ATRs, are treated like used Kleenex and NOBODY cares! Why should we be sent to schools that don't offer our programs? Why??? 

And as soon as I get used to a place, find a coffee shop, a parking pattern and an easy way to get to a boom...I am moved. This is no longer an annoyance! This is unfair treatment and harrassment! 

I have been stuck in this detention room all week with three boys. I am usually by myself. No one even comes down to see if I am dead or alive. What a damn joke. So DOE!

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