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Monday, October 17, 2011

Gypsy Teacher on the Run

Gypsy Teacher, one of NYCATR's top correspondents, was too busy today to file a regular report.  Instead, she used her smartphone to send in this flash bulletin.  

I Spent almost an hour trying to find a parking space so I could report to my school-of-the week. I reported and--small world that it is--one of the secretaries is the mom of a former student.

Anyway, I am now sitting in the detention room writing out late passes. I am assigned here all day, all week. There is actually a chart listing ATRs in this room. This is how ATRs are used at this school.

Meanwhile, I overheard that there is a sub covering a long-term position. Whats up with that? 

I think every ATR should be given a parking pass at the least. We should be given some respect and a class to TEACH...

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  1. Perhaps being in one room and in one place all week is a good thing. Better than running up and down 5 flights all day.

  2. A teacher introduced me to her class as follows. "Ladies and gentleman, appearing with us this week for social studies is......"