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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gypsy Teacher forced to serve in-house suspension

Today has been very interesting. The room I have been assigned to all week is a room for in-house suspension. What a joke! The ATRs assigned to the room are the ones being punished. The teachers give the students little work so they are left to fool around and bother the teacher (me) all day. 

I am assigned to this room from 9:30 to 3:00 with 45 minutes for lunch.  The teachers in the building also use the room as a dumping ground for the disruptive students in their class. They send them down with an "anecdotal," but with no work to do, so they can fool around all period. This is punishment???? 

The APs seem to be clueless and ineffective. One told me she would send down security to get a student who kept hiding.  Guess what?  No security! This school is a small school with young teachers. This school is a joke.

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