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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Forbes's Phantasmagory

Thomas Forbes spent the first month of this school year at the high-school named after Washington Irving, the author of "Rip Van Winkle" and "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."  Mr. Forbes's story, below, is no less phantasmagorical than those two classics--except that Forbes's story is true.  

Washington Irving
After spending a month as a full time dean at Washington Irving HS, I was sent to Fashion and Finance in the old Park West Building.  I checked today and found out that I would be going next week to Eleanor Roosevelt HS or I guess it is now called Upper West Side.  Both places were okay, but no open social studies positions, so no chance of getting hired.  I asked Upper West Side on the phone today and they also do not have a social studies position available.  I see three listed in my district, which is Manhattan High Schools.   

I think we have around 32 weeks a year of classes, so there are now maybe 27 left.  Wow, 29 schools in one school year.  What about Regents week?  Maybe we can go undercover and further expose the mass manipulation of Regents scores in the city.  We can all do guest reviews for and  give the real picture of what is going on in the school.  

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  1. ATR's posting on Letting parents and the public know how schools, good or bad, operate over the course of a week? Shedding some light on principals and administrations, good and bad?

    What a novel idea!