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Sunday, October 9, 2011

DOE declares that ATR teachers are just numbers

Algorithm for the exact model reduction.
Whatever the heck that is.

Here is your Quotation of the Day: one little sentence, with one little tell-tale word, highlighted and enlarged for your convenience:
City unveils algorithm that will assign ATR’s to new weekly spots (Gotham Schools).

Yes, my dear friends of the ATR, in the eyes of the DOE you are not teachers, but numbers, to be manipulated by an algorithm.  They add to your total with school closings; they divide you from your colleagues with weekly re-assignments; they subtract from your professional potential by not giving you students, books, restroom keys, or even coathooks; and they multiply your frustration by then having the gall to call you slackers and malcontents. 

Do the math, brothers and sisters: You're bein' screwed.    

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  1. And using their algorithms to place middle school teachers in elementary schools. Elementary school teachers in middle schools. Placing teachers as far away form their homes and placed in schools where their license areas do not exist! I heard a music teacher has been placed in a school where there is NO music program! Brooklyn teachers being sent to Staten Island, Staten Island teachers to Brooklyn! And all this is by random algorithms...I think not. I think the DOE is making the placements as uncomfortable as possible! As the UFT and Arundell sit back collecting our dues which pay their salaries.

  2. I am already recuperating from a fever..just when I thought I was healing, I realized I just got sicker!!!!

  3. How can one obtain a list of teachers (by subject) who are now in reserve?