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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The ATR Follies

Teacher Sue, who recently reported on the UFT's meeting for ATR teachers in Staten Island, sent in the following comments. As you'll see, her name is Sue and she means to sue.

An ATR teacher rushes off to a new weekly assignment.

The ATR Follies are getting worse. I live on Staten Island and am assigned to a school in Brooklyn. My colleague who lives in Brooklyn is assigned to a school on Staten Island!! A random computer placement? I think not! I think the DOE is deliberately doing every possible thing they can do to get the ATRs fed up and on the verge of quitting!

They say the weekly rotations are for the good of the ATRs. They say it will make it easier because principals will hire us. What they say is A LIE. They are rotating us weekly to cause more humiliation and upset for the ATRS. They are making things tough so we will quit! 

I can not understand how the UFT is allowing veteran teachers to be disrespected! It is bad enough having to serve as a sub after so many years in this profession. But to have to do it in a new school every week, especially if it is so far from home, is just madness!  

I think that the DOE and UFT should be brought up on charges of harassment. The UFT should also be sued for misrepresentation! 2000 voices must be heard!

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  1. sent today @ 9:56AM.


    I just saw you on CBS Sunday Morning and you said some very powerful words. My question is this are the ATR's part of that 99% or are we part of the "problem"?

  2. 28 year retired nyc teacherOctober 9, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    ATR's have to get away from the idea that the UFT unity caucus is on your side and wants to help you. Going to their meetings is a complete waste of time. They only call these meetings to try to deflect criticism.
    ATR's will not get anywhere unless you: (1)Organize yourselves and spread the word to the other working teachers that the UFT unity caucus is corrupt and has since 2005 given away important rights and protections of tenured teachers.
    (2)Consult with experienced labor lawyers to determine if there are administrative channels for relief (ie PERB) and then legal channels.

  3. And if a teacher or teachers hire an attorney to protect their rights they are not fired. In my old school 2 teachers hired attorneys to overturn their unsatisfactory ratings due to harassment. They won and are still at the school.

  4. Why don't the ATRs get together and stage a front of UFT headquarters!