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Saturday, September 17, 2011

31 barking dogs nominated for Rhodes scholarships

Here is a report from one of NYCATR's founding contributors, Life in Limbo.  Ms. Limbo has found a permanent appointment, and she's finding that members of the ATR aren't the only teachers who suffer from the DOE's brilliant policies.

My class is really rough; today it sounded like 31 barking dogs by the end of the day. And I could handle it (I was excessed from an IMPACT school) if I didn't feel like someone at Tweed is ready to slit my throat if I don't turn these kids into Rhodes Scholars by testing time.

And the pile-on of feel-good classroom "environment" requirements is a total time waster. When I was in District 29 they were just bringing in the Calkins model for literacy and there was such a big deal about every classroom needing a rug.  As if the reason the kids can't read is that there's no rug in the room. Now, of course,  the kids are failing the state ELA because the Common Core isn't posted in 700-point font at the center of the room for them to stare at!!

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