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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Report from the Field #4

A teacher named Tim sent us the following.  A few details have been changed to protect the innocent. 

I was put in excess after working at the The Founding Fathers Academy beginning the last day of February, 2011.  I started the 2010-2011 school year at Oil and Vinegar Academy and quickly asked to get out of there.  It took until February.  I was on ATR status after coming out of the rubber room in August of 2010.  Both schools last year were nightmare experiences.  At Founding Fathers I was teaching in 4 rooms with three preps, no class set of text books or other teaching tools, and I was the class's 4th teacher that year.  Oil and Vinegar  has no rules for students or teachers alike.  

As for job-searching, I sent the requests through the required websites and received no responses.  Friends who went to the job fairs told me they were a waste.  

I am a high school social studies teacher and was placed at Cooper HS.  I have been assigned to the dean's office and have been told I will serve in the SAVE room my entire schedule; the room will be located in the auditorium.  The school is sort of a mess; the principal seems OK but he plays the typical DOE game and being a transformation school, it is jumping through all kinds of hoops.  I have no real preference if they leave me there or send me elsewhere; it may be interesting to see all the different ways the DOE can find to screw up schools.  

To be honest, I am trying to get through this school year and transition out.  This is my 16th year.  

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