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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Report from the Field #3

A teacher sent this in as a comment, but we thought it important enough to make it a stand-alone posting.  Read it and weep.

I have been on the verge of tears all day. I have been reassigned to a middle school and the principal has no clue on what the guidelines for an ATR are. He asked me and I replied with teary eyes that I didn't know.  He asked me how long I would be at the school. I didn't know that either. He asked how I ended up as an ATR.  I wasn't sure.  He asked if I could teach. I replied, "Yes, I can do that very well." He assigned me to the detention room until further notice. Damn, being an ATR really stinks.


  1. My understanding is that Tweed assigned ATRs without any matching criteria, except for Districts. Furthermore, all ATRs were assigned for a month (October 9th) to the school. After that, the principals have been informed that new ATRs will replace them on a weekly basis and the CFN's seem to be powerless to influence Tweed's placements.

    There seems to be some question if a Principal wants to keep a day to day ATR because of the teacher's dependability and student response. Presently, I do not believe Tweed will allow it but that could change.

  2. As upset as I am sure you are, you can't take it personally. Unfortunately, the principals want the 23 year old who is making 45 k per year. Stay strong!

  3. ATRs may be transferred in two weeks. My friend who is an ATR was told that by the principal at the school where he is assigned at