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Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Open Letter to the UFT's Leroy Barr

The following letter was sent to the UFT's Staff Director, LeRoy Barr on August 31. Mr. Barr was the union's pointman for teachers in the infamous rubber rooms; he ran monthly meetings with elected liaisons from each room. 

The author of the letter, Philip Nobile, of the Bushwick School of Social Justice, reports that he has not yet received a reply from Mr. Barr. Mr. Nobile urges all ATR teachers to demand a response by emailing Mr. Barr at:

Dear LeRoy,
I was wondering if the UFT had organizational plans for us ATRs. If we were a chapter, we'd be the largest in the system many times over. And owing to the new agreement,many of us, if not most, will be cut off from direct union contact and representation, chapter leaderless and district repless, as we wander like nomads from school to school. 

Perhaps the UFT has anticipated the need to make a special arrangement with ATRs--like the one you established for rubber roomers--monthly meets at headquarters to discuss member issues. If so, what's in the pipeline?  If not, let's start things up. 

 Looking forward,


  1. I just emailed the uft and hope they are at tomorrow's job fair. Too bad we have been thrown under the bus. I think ATRs are so fed up, just what the DOE wants, that we will go down without too much fuss. I urge every ATR to say something.

  2. Philip Nobile is a lunatic. If you put your faith in him then you're nuts. Read his wikipedia page.